Record №9: Warning, the air !!!


Геоскан серия 101 на старте

A dream come true! None of our workhorses – quadrocopters – could not give me such happiness))) Thanks to the initiative of the Group management «Геоскан», музея-заповедника «Гнёздово» and Историко-археологического центра «Гардарика» able to carry out low-altitude survey of all archaeological complex with the help of UAVs Geoskan 101 series (pictured). Could get gigabytes of high-quality images, which covered the entire territory of the complex from west to east. Now we can build a 3D model-based photogrammetry throughout. The model will be tied to the grid, in which we conduct total station surveying the territory of the modern landscape. The total grid in June we have created with the help of geophysicists лаборатории инженерной геофизики РГУ Нефти и Газа им. И. М. Губкина. In the near future we will be able to get excellent high quality geopodosnovu (ortofotplan) the whole territory of our database in GIS system. Detailed images greatly simplifies the monitoring of the situation with the state of the monument. And beautiful cherry on the cake: this 3D-model will begin to create a virtual historical landscape 10 – early 11 centuries.

The process of detour took us about 6 hours. UAV launched from katupulty, after which he flew in offline mode for a given route, picking up a series of pictures. Span place at two heights with the triple overlap. Children feel the delight not only of the start-up procedure, but from the moment the manual ejection of the parachute after completion of the flight and landing of the machine to the ground.

A little bit of earth and archaeological. Work complete. On the P-8 was a small fragment of the edge. On the mound – sweep the mainland, sampling early settlement pits, leveling the surface of the continent, and photo / video recording of the ground and air. In the DB-1 (north) came to the mainland, going to nag at dendrodatu Palisade and do the last in this season 3D-model line of stakes in the continent. Rubimsya the last effort. Thanks to those who came back and supported, thanks to everyone who keeps on his feet!