Record №11: Something ends, something begins …

Частокол на БД-1 (северный)
This record can be called last in relation to the field season in 2016 Gnezdovo. Of course, we are still waiting for work on the monument in the autumn -. Monitoring, intelligence, etc., but that’s another story. In the near future I happen to change the traditional geographical area of archaeological work in the central part of Russia in the North Caucasian region, namely, Kabardino-Balkaria and the neighborhood of the city of Nalchik. Details of this trip, I will write or have to return in the process.
Now Gnezdovo. Already I wrote that found in the excavation DB-1 (north) this year – in the continuation of DB-2 findings (San Tolich not be angry at me, I corrected) – luxurious wooden structures and, in particular, the well-preserved stockade at the earliest, I will not say what, settlement layers (who are interested, read the earlier post). The stockade was made of wood of different breeds. Here and birch and stained oak (preserved even bark), but most probably represented by conifers. All columns were sharpened and deepened by half a meter into the mainland. Needless to say that for our sand-dry Gnezdovo this finding is fantastic ”
In general, as a result I was able to take 22 samples dendrospily. Another sample was taken from the excavation “closure channel” – research bridges between Lake. Bezdonka and p. Lead (details in earlier records). We will have a chronological scale! Hooray!
Why am I all. For those who could not see live, but really wants to understand how it was – a special 3D-model of this stockade. See here. Thanks, Veronica Vladislavovna Murasheva and Alexey Shevtsov, who allowed her to place on public display / admiration!