A monument on the site of the mound L-13

On the territory of Gnёzdovskogo archaeological complex in Forest barrow group is a monument on an artificial mound, which was built on the site of the L-13 mound. Mound was investigated DA Avdusinym in 1949. Barrow height reached 1.6 meters and a diameter of about 15 m. The complex is on the mound cremation ceremony[…]

Gnezdovo – global coverage.

Happy moment has come, whom I personally have been waiting for more than one year! We first got a total ortofoplan Gnёzdovskogo entire territory of the archaeological complex. Great project for a total survey area of the monument with the help of UAVs in the face "Историко-археологический центр "Гардарика" according group of company компании «ГЕОСКАН»  and with[...]

Record №11: Something ends, something begins …

This record can be called last in relation to the field season in 2016 Gnezdovo. Of course, we are still waiting for work on the monument in the autumn -. Monitoring, intelligence, etc., but that's another story. In the near future I happen to change the traditional geographical area of archaeological work in the central[...]

Record №10: Epic final at Tortsteyne

All work is completed. The last traces of the cultural layer of earlier times had disappeared, leaving a yellow mainland. We finished the last mound. Staged epic farewell season! He built a fire in the most epic Gnezdovo. There was such a large until yesterday)))