A monument on the site of the mound L-13

0014On the territory of Gnёzdovskogo archaeological complex in Forest barrow group is a monument on an artificial mound, which was built on the site of the L-13 mound. Mound was investigated DA Avdusinym in 1949. Barrow height reached 1.6 meters and a diameter of about 15 m. The complex is on the mound cremation ceremony included a comb, raznnoobaznye in shape, material and color of the beads, iron key pieces of iron hryvnia, weights for weighing, whetstones, two fragments dirhams (848 – 849 years and 907 -.. 908 years), suspension made of dirhams, and even a sword. For more information about the burial complex can be found in the article here. But the main discovery was the Greek amforma, which survived the first Slavic word “Gorushna”. Who are interested in the details of the inscription can be read here. This year affair between flights over the territory of the archaeological complex, the staff “GEOSKAN” group companies managed to do-and 3D-model of the monument. Who has not seen a living, can look 3D-model)))