Open Education. Lectures on early medieval history for all (at this moment only on russian language)

On the basis of the club of historical reconstruction «Аустрвегр/Восточный путь» — non-political non-profit association of youth, which is composed as professional historians and archaeologists, and just fans of Russian history – read a series of lectures to the public about the history and material culture Gnezdovo and simultaneous monuments of Ancient Russia IX – XI centuries. Lectures are held in the hall of the House of Culture “Community” on Sundays. Also on the basis of the club held a lecture on the history of military affairs, material culture, ethnography, archeology and history of X – XVIII centuries.

In addition, the section will be published the lectures which were of the expedition and the early Middle Ages known researchers in the framework of various educational projects.

S. Y. Kainov “Warfare in the Ancient Rus IX – XI centuries.”

V. V. Novikov “Big burial mound” from excavation of Siziv in Gnezdovo.

О. V. Orfinskaya “Patterns of ancient clothing”.

S. S. Zozulia “New research in Timerevo”.

S. Y. Kainov “Bladed weapons from the excavations of burial mounds in Gnezdovo”.

V. Y. Petruchin “The choice of faith in Russia”. 

The project is to collect funds for the repair of the expeditionary tacheometr

Last season, broke our old electronic instrument with which we fixed a unique historic landscape in the X. Gnёzdovskogo on the territory of the archaeological complex. Currently, two villages, two large quarry and modern cemetery “eat up” the territory of the settlements and barrows (more about modern situation). Over the past three years we have been trying to have time to shoot something that has not been lost to make a detailed 3d-model of the monument. Our sponsors helped to repair our old instrument and purchase a second b / u unit. In 2016 we received a separate open letter to the monitoring of this part of the monument and will be able to carry out these works in the strong pace.

Wall of Fame project - faces and names of those who helped us raise funds for the repair

Special thanks for the information support of the project personally Alexey Ovcharenko Agency and historical projects " Ratobortsy"

qsEgaTOunro“Mighty man “- a team of people from the movement of historical reconstruction, to create their own business niche with individual products are almost 10 years, we realize the historical projects in the sphere of culture, film, television, museology, experimental archeology, science and education Implement a series of historical experiments:..” Seven in the past, ” A knight’s Tale “, “Один в прошлом“. Are the organizers of the famous festivals in Russia: “Времена и эпохи“, “Рыцарские турниры“, “Ладогафест”, “Крымский военно-исторический фестиваль”.

Development of the project of creating a museum exposition in the open air “Gnёzdovskoe settlement IX – XI centuries).

By order of the historical-archaeological and natural museum-reserve “Nest” in 2013, the participants of ANO “Historical and archaeological center” Garadrika “was prepared by the project to create a model of a museum exposition in the open air” Gnezdovo settlement IX – XI centuries. “. The project included scientific inquiry on buildings early age education ancient Russian state, which can be reconstructed on the basis of excavations in the nesting and other key monuments of the era, 3D-reconstruction of the appearance and internal decoration of buildings, general landscape 3D-model of the territory for the museum, the general structure building complex, and so on. d. Presentation of the project took place in the framework of “Times and Epochs” festival (held Vasily Novikov), as well as at a special press conference on the project, “Thunder tower” in Smolensk July 4, 2013 (held Sergey Cain). The press conference attracted great media interest in Smolensk and a series of publications. Such a project we did for the first time and were very satisfied with both the process and the result. We hope that in the future will be able to help someone do something like that, or to share experience.

Open lectures in the “Times and Epochs” historical festival

September 3, 2011 as part of the historical festival “Times and Epochs”, which took place on the territory of the museum-reserve Kolomenskoye in Dyakov settlement. Members ANO historical and archaeological center “Gardarika” and invited researchers, archaeologists from Belarus and St. Petersburg have read popular science reports for the participants and guests of the festival in the first open conference entitled “Ancient Rus – the experience of historical reconstructions.” The conference was attended by T. A. Pushkin, V. Murasheva, SY Cain, SS Zozulya AA Fetisov, KA Mikhailov, OV Dvurechensky, NA Plavinsky, V. Novikov. Anyone wishing to learn about the latest developments in the field of generalization of knowledge about archaeological material 10 -. 13 centuries, to get acquainted with the latest findings of military equipment, costumes and equipment horse and rider from the territory of ancient Russia. During informal contacts after reports of the conference visitors can ask any questions and discuss the most interesting topics.

Festival of historical reconstruction “Gnezdovo 2012”

11 – 12 August in the territory of the archaeological complex was the first official festival of historical reconstruction. Festival was organized by Directorate of History, Archaeology and Natural Museum-Reserve “Gnezdovo” Club of historical reconstruction “Varangian squad” (Moscow) and the scientific expedition staff members of the State Historical Museum of Sergey Sergey Zozulya and Cain. The atmosphere of the festival have provided about 80 re-enactors from Smolensk, Moscow, Bryansk, Kursk, Kaluga and Vitebsk. Guests of the festival expect military field camp of the Viking Age, a dive into the life, culture and craft of the era of the 10th century, as well as reconstruction of the battles. The festival made musical groups, and everyone could take part in games of authentic era and try yourself in the martial art. A member of the archaeological expedition Sergey Zozulya held for all tour of the monument and talked about the latest results of a study of the complex, as well as give opportunity for everyone to help in reclaiming the mound mound in the Dnieper barrow group. For two days the festival was visited by about 1500 people. Among the guests were the Deputy Governor of the Smolensk region – Nikolai Mikhailovich Kuznetsov.