3D-Museum and virtual collections – date in the world of modern technology section, which allows you to visualize the materials of archaeological research and the various individual findings. Our museum will feature pictures of items with a description and some 3D-models of objects.

A monument on the site of the mound L-13, investigated D. A. Avdusinym in 1949 year.

The monument depicts the Greek amphora from the first Slavic inscription “gorushna”. Amphora has been detected in the complex burial rites for cremation along with other complex objects: sword, beads, osleki, rivets, nails, blood vessels, dirhams. The burial dates from no earlier than 907 – 908 years.

The central part of Gnezdovo settlement.

The 3D-model shows the central part of the settlement, which includes the central part of the floodplain settlements, the southern part of the settlement on the first terrace above the floodplain, central part of the settlement and group of mound “Lesnaya”.

Palisade in excavation DB-1 (north), 2016 year.

Wooden paling from the excavation DB-1 (north) in the floodplain of the central settlement.

The plate with image of Senmurv. Second half of 10th century.

The plate from the big burial mound from excavation of V. I. Sizov in moud group “Central” at 1882, 1885 years.

Mound group “Centr” and the north part of central settlment.

3D-model of the current state of the landscape in Central Kurgan group, part of the central settlements and the western tip of the Kurgan group Forest. The central group consists of two large mounds mounds.


Typical pottery from Gnezdovo mound, 10th century.

Mound C-352, C-353.

Mounds of excavations in the central barrow group in 2015. The model shows the situation with razdernovannymi mounds and scheduled eyebrows.

Wooden fence.

The plot is a wooden fence studied in the floodplain in 2015.

Burial of goats.

The skeleton of a goat in a pit excavated in 2014. Excavations in the northern part of Central Villages. Date – early 20th century

Mound L-204.

Mound A-204 from the excavations in the southern part of the Forest of the Kurgan group of excavations in 2016. Model displays razdernovanny mound with targeted eyebrows.