Our library is an invaluable source of knowledge of the archaeological complex Gnezdovo and its surrounding. About 300 articles, books and proceedings were published at the moment. This number is continuously increasing from year to year with efforts of our friends and colleagues. The library also contains some articles about other archeological sites of 9 – 11 centuries and the important issues of archeology of the ancient Russia.

There are two directories in the library. The first one is an alphabetical list of books by author. Works in the second directory are organized into groups by subjects and topics. Active download links are in blue.

Our library is a result of a huge collaborative effort of enthusiasts. Please mention our site or give a link to it by using the list of our references or a separate article. We’ll appreciate your little gratitude for our labor of love.

If you have an article or a book, where you directly or indirectly mention Gnezdovo or its constituency and you do not mind to share it, please send us an electronic version in pdf format or a link to your work to my address vasily.novikov@gmail.com. Let’s make our library resource richer and more interesting for everyone!

Enjoy all the work!