Gnezdovo – global coverage.

Happy moment has come, whom I personally have been waiting for more than one year! We first got a total ortofoplan Gnёzdovskogo entire territory of the archaeological complex.

Great project for a total survey area of the monument with the help of UAVs in the face Историко-археологический центр “Гардарика” according group of company компании «ГЕОСКАН»  and with the support музея-заповедника «Гнёздово» got the result. About the work process can be found here. What is the result? Now we have a new geopodosnova in very good resolution, and I have integrated it into our database in GIS – in the photo you can appreciate the scale of the captured area and the quality of the material. This is a great addition to the collection of detailed satellite images from 2001 to 2013, which reflects the dynamics of construction and destruction within the complex. Even small predatory pit on the territory of the monument can be fixed. It can be seen on top of everything!

It is very important that the orthophoto calibrated by our new system of frames made for the central part of the monument. we have carried out this work with  Лабораторией инженерной геофизики РГУ нефти и газа им. И. М. Губкина.  it means that all of the total station survey, which took place last six years, are now in a single coordinate system and is perfectly aligned with each other. As a result, we can get a single terrain model accuracy.

What else? 3D-ready unified model of the entire Gnёzdovskogo complex. As an example, pieces of this model for the central part can be see here.

Previously we had made only a few areas, and now – the whole thing.

In the near future at least a major task – the creation of 3d-reconstruction of the historic landscape and planigraphy settlements and cemeteries in the X century. Results of course you will see – they will be publicly available on our website. In general, we are working hard!