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 ANO “Historical and archaeological center” Gardarika “

Together, researchers and archaeologists Gnёzdovskogo archaeological complex of 8 July 2011 was officially registered Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Historical and Archaeological Center” Gardarika “The main purpose of this association -. Popularize knowledge about the complex, the further development of our information resource (www.gnezdovo.com) , support of scientific and research projects, as well as activities related to the publication of material accumulated over a long period of study of the monument and its surroundings.

In modern conditions of humanitarian projects, especially multi-piece, such as archaeological research can not only develop at the expense of funds allocated by the state and universities to conduct field practice. To continue the fruitful study of the complex and its surroundings, the publication of materials (process of preparation of the publication and printing), payment for various analyzes to date, we need help! At the moment all works on site creation, financial support for the work of the expedition, and so on. N. Are carried out on the basis of private donations. It seems appropriate and right to try to attract research projects and additional finansorovanie find individuals who would be able to provide support (technical, financial, advisory) for our research.

The main goals and objectives:

  • Popularization of knowledge about gnёzdovskom archaeological complex;
  • Development of an information resource (www.gnezdovo.com);
  • Promotion Directorate SJC regarding the preservation of the complex, development, and so on. Etc .;
  • Support for research and field projects;
  • Publishing;
  • Working with volunteers who want to come to the summer archaeological season;
  • Work to attract sponsors for the projects related to the SJC; The implementation of socially significant youth and community projects;

If you have any suggestions for cooperation, the desire to take part in the realization of our projects and our willingness to help the union to contact us. We welcome all who are not indifferent Gnezdovo!

Details of the organization

Legal address:
125502 Москва, Петрозаводская ул. дом 21
ИНН / КПП 7743109018 / 774301001
ОГРН 1117799013133
Р/С 40703810938040005272
В ОАО «Сбербанк России» (ОАО) К/С 30101810400000000225
БИК 044525225