It’s ready! 3D-model and orthophoto all Gnezdovo.

And finally it happened! Ready high-precision 3D-model of the whole territory of archaeological complex Gnezdovo, and now it will always be in the public domain. This model is the result of shooting unmanned aerial vehicleGEOSCAN-101 and it is associated with a grid of reference points, which are obtained by GNSS-станции LEICA. It is based on using[…]

A monument on the site of the mound L-13

On the territory of Gnёzdovskogo archaeological complex in Forest barrow group is a monument on an artificial mound, which was built on the site of the L-13 mound. Mound was investigated DA Avdusinym in 1949. Barrow height reached 1.6 meters and a diameter of about 15 m. The complex is on the mound cremation ceremony[…]