It’s ready! 3D-model and orthophoto all Gnezdovo.

sputnikAnd finally it happened! Ready high-precision 3D-model of the whole territory of archaeological complex Gnezdovo, and now it will always be in the public domain.

This model is the result of shooting unmanned aerial vehicleGEOSCAN-101 and it is associated with a grid of reference points, which are obtained by GNSS-станции LEICA. It is based on using photogrammetry software Agisoft Photoscan and is loaded by Geoscan Sputnik.

The result is a textured 3D-model and highly detailed orthophoto with spatial resolution of 4 cm per pixel. The model covers an area of over 200 hectares. Due to the fact that the project is executed in a single coordinate system, all of the previous survey with the help of the instrument linked to a common project and are combined with aerial photography data.

The model is available in a special module on the site in direction Geography. Since it has a high degree of detail, it makes sense to wait for a full load all the images. Keep in mind that this may affect your traffic!